Commercial Roof Replacement in Greenwood Village & Denver

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Commercial Roof Replacement in Greenwood Village & Denver

Commercial Roof Replacement You Can Trust

Your business has sustained roof damage. You want to find a roofing company you can trust. And you need a roof replacement quote that’s fair — and within your budget.

You probably know that commercial roof replacement services don’t come cheap, but what you probably didn’t know is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle or stress of incompetent roofing contractors.

Imagine working with a roofing contractor that doesn’t cause more issues than they solve. Imagine getting the commercial roof replacement services that you need without the stress of change-orders that sink your budget. Imagine six months from now being proud and happy with the roofing contractor you chose to replace your roof.

This is not a fantasy. In fact, NexGen Roofing can deliver on that future you’ve just imagined.


When you need to get your roof replaced, it’s not a small endeavor. It will probably take a dozen people just to get the project started. And at that point, the process of replacing an entire commercial roof, depending on the size, can take weeks. At NexGen, we understand the stress and anxiety you may be going through during this type of process, which is why we take care of you as well as your roof. Our all star team works to keep you informed and up to date on your roof replacement project.


Your commercial roof is probably one of the last things on your mind while you grow your business. In fact, most business owners don’t think about their roof until it becomes a problem. What’s unfortunate is that this reactive process can cost you more upfront. You will need to repair and/or replace your roof eventually, but doing it sooner than expected can really hit the bottom line. Instead of waiting until there’s an issue, get proactive and have your roof inspected at least once per year. Here are the big reasons why you need to get your commercial roof replaced:
  1. Leaks
  2. Blistering or cracking surface
  3. Torn or missing roofing material
  4. Damaged flashing
  5. Storm damage
  6. Age
Commercial Roof Replacement in Greenwood Village & Denver
Commercial Roof Replacement in Greenwood Village & Denver

While these are general reasons to replace your roof, your roof inspection may reveal more serious issues that can cost you a ton. That’s why getting routine roof inspections helps reduce the cost of repairs and replacements. Every time you have NexGen roofing come out to inspect your roof, you get a comprehensive list of potential issues and what it would cost to repair them.

When it comes to roof replacement, you may have quotes from other roofing companies. That’s great! NexGen Roofing encourages you to get at least three quotes from different companies for your roof. It’s in your best interest to pay a fair price for your roofing service. What’s also in your best interest is to hire a commercial roofing company that gets the job done right the first time. Paying for repairs due to a bad roofing job is not an effective way to handle business.

At NexGen Roofing, we provided unprecedented customer service alongside craftsmanship and manufacturer warranties to protect you, your roof, and your business.

Connect with the all star team at NexGen Roofing to schedule your roof inspection and get your roof replacement on our schedule.








NexGen provided top-notch service on my hail-battered home. They were able to coordinate everything from stucco, wood, paint, and roof repairs. When other neighbors were waiting months to get roof repairs completed following the 2018 hail storm, mine was done in a matter of weeks. Communication was prompt and easy via text, email, and phone. They worked seamlessly with insurance to get the best possible coverage and even managed to work out a few upgrades. Highly recommended, would do business with again. Nicholas O.


NexGen Roofing replaced our roof after a hail storm and we couldn’t be happier with the install and quality of the roof! Jonathan handled everything with our insurance company and had a fast turnaround time. He and his team installed the roof while working around a napping baby and my husband who works night shift! I would highly recommend NexGen to anyone who needs a new roof. Thanks again, Jonathan! Felicity F.


Very professional, great quality of work, and top notch customer service. Ray was awesome and very knowledgeable. Hail damaged my house pretty significantly to the roof, gutters, siding, fence and patio furniture. He was in constant contact with me and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. The owner also reached out to make sure things were done as expected. Great company, top to bottom. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Carlos C.