When you think of your roof, what comes to mind? You probably think about how it keeps the rain out and the hot or cold air in. You may think that your roof is invincible, never needing maintenance. Or, you wonder why you never think about your roof at all. If any of these or one of them crossed your mind, welcome to being a homeowner or running a local business.

Your roof does more than add weight to your building’s structure. It keeps the weather out and the climate in. What’s more, your roof helps add value to your home or business in the way of curb appeal. Ever driven up to a home or business that had an ugly roof? It’s pretty obvious, right? Well, at NexGen Roofing & Exteriors, we work to get you a functional, beautiful roof.

That’s why when homeowners or business owners ask which material they should go with, we suggest concrete roof tiles.

What Are Concrete Roof Tiles?

Roof tiles are designed primarily to keep rain, wind, and other weather elements out of your home or business. They are traditionally made from local materials, but they can be outsourced to other regions around the United States or internationally. A modern material with historical significance can be used as the roofing material. Concrete tiles are fixed to the roof by nails.

How Long Do Concrete Tiles Last?

On average, concrete tiles can last up to 30-40 years with minimal maintenance. If you damage your concrete tiles, their relatively easy to replace. What’s more, concrete tile is typically marketed as a 50-year roof, and they do last that long in some cases. The lifespan of your tiles rely on your ability to keep them in working order.

How Much Do Concrete Tiles Cost?

It depends on the size of your roof and how much material is needed to actually install the roof on your home or business. Additionally, concrete tile roofing can vary in cost by region, manufacturer, and supply. The actual cost of concrete tile can vary between $700 and $1,500 per square foot.

Keep in mind, too, that concrete tile lasts on average about 35 years, so you will only need to replace your roof, pending any substantial damage, 2-3 times in your lifetime. The initial cost of concrete tile can look large a large sum, but the lifespan of the material and its durability make it a great choice as a long term investment.

How Durable Are Concrete Roof Tiles?

Concrete and clay roof tiles typically outperform most other roofing materials when it comes to durability. They last nearly 50 years, and they do well when it comes to impact-resistance. A great way to find out if concrete tiles are right for our roof is to ask your local roofing contractor.

Do Roof Tiles Keep Your Home or Business Cooler?

Depending on the climate, concrete or clay tiles can keep your home or business cooler. The factor is the climate. In warmer climates with no freeze-thaw cycle, concrete and clay are great for helping keep homes and businesses cool. Unlike asphalt shingles, concrete and clay absorb very little heat, which means it doesn’t transfer into the house.

Do Concrete Roofing Tiles Crack?

Yes, they can crack, but the cause of that damage usually comes long before they actually crack. What this means is that the tiles either weren’t treated properly before installation or they were handled incorrectly during installation. In some cases the manufacturer sends out fault tiles, but the majority of cases starts with concrete tile coating and installation.

Do Concrete Roof Tiles Perform Better Than Shingles?

When it comes to function, concrete roof tiles are great. They have a long lifespan, and they are super durable. However, the increase in performance may warrant an increase in price. Concrete tiles cost more than say asphalt shingles, but they do outperform shingles in a number of areas. If you’re not sure which material to choose, let NexGen Roofing know. We’re more than happy to take your call and discuss your roofing options.

5 Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

What are the benefits of installing a concrete tile roof on your home or business? There are many, but we’re going on the seven most common below:

Long-Term Performance

If you’re looking for a roof material that can last up to 50 years before needing to be replaced, concrete roof tiles are what you need. These durable, long lasting tiles are well worth the initial investment.

Colors and Styles

One of the biggest complaints about roofing materials is that they don’t come in enough colors. Well, concrete roofing tiles offer you dozens of colors to match your home or business. Whether you want to improve curb appeal or increase energy efficiency, you can do it with concrete roof tiles.

Maintain Look

Over 50 years a lot can happen to roof materials. They can crack, break, or even fade in color. Concrete tiles rarely lose their color over the years. The tiles typically maintain their new, crisp look years after they are installed.


For most roofing materials, they are light. This isn’t necessarily a bad feature, but they are built with speed of installation and cost-effectiveness in mind. If you want something more sturdy and durable, you will want to go with a slightly heavier roofing option like concrete tiles. Their extra weight adds to their ability to protect your home.


Above, we showed that concrete tiles can cost between $700 and $1500 per square foot. That seems like a lot, but here’s the kicker. You won’t have to replace your concrete tile roof for the next 50 years. Unless a storm damages your roof or home, those concrete tiles will last half a lifetime.

When to Call NexGen Roofing & Exteriors

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