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You have multi-family properties that need roof repairs. You know that they have not been inspected for a while. And you’re worried that a roof leak would be costly to you and your tenants. If you’re like most multi-family property owners, you typically don’t get your roof inspected until there’s already an issue, whether it be a leak, damage, or otherwise. However, at NexGen Construction, we strongly suggest you get your roofs inspected thoroughly at least once per year.

The average roof lifespan is more than 12 years. However, that lifespan is based on the roof being inspected, repaired, and maintained properly. If your multi-family roofs have not been inspected in the last year or two, you may find damage you’ll need to fix that requires more than roofing repair services.

As a multi-family property owner, roof repair services are much more affordable than a complete roof replacement. If you get a roof replacement every 12 years, roof repair costs in between the big projects can save you a ton.


Multi-Family Roof Repair Services

When you choose NexGen Construction, we will come out to your Denver multi-family property and inspect the roofs thoroughly. We will provide you a comprehensive assessment on what your roof may need in regards to roofing repair services. Then, we’ll discuss with you the pros and cons of repairing your roof now or waiting until the damage worsens. In the majority of cases, getting your roof repaired now is the best option.


When to Call NexGen Construction

If your roof has gone more than 18 months without an inspection or sustained damage due to a storm, you should call your local roofers at NexGen Construction. The call is simple to make. We’ll work with you to get your roof inspected. Call us today!