Based Out of DTC and Serving all Cities from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs

If you’re like most homeowners in Colorado, you want the best for your family. This means that you want your home’s roof to be in tip-top shape to protect those you love from Mother Nature. Whether it be 90-degree summers, sub-freezing winters, or storm season, you want to make sure the integrity of your roof is intact at all times.

For most homeowners, they forget about their roof until it’s too late. It’s normal not to look up and think, “I wonder if my roof needs an inspection.” You’re busy. You have very little time to actually consider how you can take care of your home. And when you do have time, you certainly don’t want to spend it thinking about your roof.

While this all may be true for you, it’s also true that your roof needs to be inspected regularly to catch any developing damage before it’s too late. A great way to do this is to have the NexGen Construction team come out and inspect your roof.


Roof Repair Services

Once NexGen Construction inspects your roof, we will give you an assessment of what we think is the next best course of action. If all you need is a repair, we will suggest it. If we believe you need a roof replacement, we will work with you to figure out how to make it happen. We focus on delivering the roof repair services you actually need, nothing more.

As your local roofers based out of the DTC, we service all of the front range, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs with the best roofing services in the area. When you choose us, you get more than a repaired roof. You get superb customer service and exceptional craftsmanship. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today to get your roof inspected so that you can avoid costly replacement and home repairs later.